Sabtu, 29 Mei 2010


how's your day, friend? hope your day will be good, cause my holiday plan to go to bandung was canceled, hiikkss i'm so sad,, :( but just forget it, i don't wanna spend my weekend with sadness, so cheer up! heeheheh :) yuph, although I didn't go on vacation, my sister and I did something together last friday, hahaha do you know what we did? we were both cleaned up our fish pond,, hahaha :D it's difficult to catched all the fishes by hand and in this case, my sister is more unreliable,, huuhhh :P but looked so fun guys, even though all the things became so messy,, hheheh
yupppss now I'm entrusted to take care for a tortoise belongs to my boyfriend, the truth is I don't know how to take care of this little turtle, hahaha but calm down babe, because I will try to take care of it :) trust me,,,

after all the matter of the fish was finished, my brother invited me for lunch at pizza hut, of course i went there with my sister and my mother. But my father can't join with us because he's still attending an event for three days ahead. so we just went with the four of us, yaahh it's not bad. the most important is i didn't just stay at home with silence :)

So, today I want to go for a walk, before i picked up for lunch outside,,, and tonight, wuri will stay for one night at my home, because tommorow morning we'll attend to our friend wedding, who? my bos's secretary. hmmphhh I think my weekend didn't look so bored, hope you also have a wonderful weekend :)

by the way I want to show you that i've got 2 awards from
hari "opini yang lain" :)

thank you so much :)

21 komentar:

  1. wowowow.u cleaned up your pond.tired tired.hehe:)
    oh.your weekend also fun la.:D
    **starving for pizza huts.nyum nyum nyum....


  2. ^________________^

    HAPPY WEEKEND mbaa.. ^___^

  3. wow,asalnya mau weekend ke bdg?asal mana memangnya mbak? :)

  4. weekend sharian cuma tidur aja,,coz tgs mlm trus nih...

    wah congratulation bwt award-nya...

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  6. wah, perlu bantuan gak nih nyuci kolam ikan? hehhee

  7. yaya, mba fanny tolong bantu saya,, tolong tolongg,, hehehee

    amanda: i've linked you

    pak_wow : ronda yah??, ehehehhe

    mino: aq di jakarta say :)

    elok & inge : trims cantik :)

    tiraa : you're right,, sooo tireedd :P

  8. sorry to hear that ur holiday plans got cancelled. although its great that ur determined to have fun inspite all here's wishing you a lovely week ahead and congratulations on those cute awards sweetie!

    xo Persis.

  9. gede nggak kolam ikannya? kalo gede susah juga tuh :-)

    wikenku? hmm..terrible wiken deh

  10. Your weekend didn't look boring at all! I mean, catching fish by hand, come on! That sounds incredibly exciting (and difficult!) Wish you had taken some pictures, ha! XO!

  11. Oh, p.s., love your new blog header!

  12. congrats for the award :)

    anw,,thanks for entering my giveaway..but I'm soo sorry I can't count you in rite now :('s because you haven't tell me your idea about prewedding photoshot and it's a mandatory comment me about your idea so I can count you in :)..okay?I'll wait for your idea..
    thankss before..

  13. congrats for the awards !
    thanks for dropping by at my blog !
    visit / follow / comment me back..
    michelle @ glisters and blisters

  14. i've added you to my links lovely!
    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  15. wow, the days you are really fantastic.
    btw, congratulations on your award yaa..

    ps. don't forget to visit and commented on my blog.

  16. hi how are u , today is very busy day for me

    looks you have a lovely day that's great

    congrats for the award

  17. yeah selamat yah mbak....
    selamat yah mbak

  18. liburan yang melelahkan yya, wah udah di pajang awardnya, hehehe. thanks ya.

  19. My vacation also wonderful,I went to Puncak with my whole family. Wow, you clean up your fish pond,it sound exciting, no boring at all :)

    Lucky you canceled your vacation to Bandung. Because when long weekend comes, it will traffic jam,crowded, hectic, you name it, everywhere in Bandung. And it was true, last weekend was horribly traffic in there. ^^


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