Jumat, 07 Mei 2010

yeah, freaky friday

friday,, i always love friday, because tomorrow is weekend,, and friday was always feels like the shortest day,, ahaayyy,, don't you think the same gals? So, how about your friday? that's would be nice, isn't it? unfortunatelly, "nice" is not for me, this week is so exhausting and emotional. i need something to refresh my mind. but please don't ask me to drink green tea, cause green tea isn't enough to refresh my brain,, hahah (souds like advertise or something,, lol :P )

you know,,, I really miss you much,,, it's been along time i didn't share something here,, because i don't know what i have to share to you all,, hehhe :)  well, my day is so hectic, I met somebody annoying, and i'm so bored with my daily activities,,, just wake up early, have a breakfast, go to work, having lunch, go back home, dinner, and go to bed,,, yeeeaahhh almost everyday i do the same activities,, huuuuhhh i miss my friends, my old friends,, really need hang some out with them, i think it will gonna be so fun, right?

hmmm suddenly, some ideas crossed my mind,, hahaha how about make a reunion?? (is it possible? hahah) i know that's so difficult to make us meet in the sametime, even just having lunch together, or watching movie hyyuuhh :( And I really know,each of us has a busy day, but come on gals, it's only one day out? :) let's do some fun :) yeah okaay, just skip it, i'll looking for the way to make them come in,, any idea?? just share and let me know :)

talk about the gathering, i also remember my beloved cutie crazy friend,, stany, here's some pictures I had taken while we were still able to meet a.k.a in the office :) the first pict below was taken when we had lunch together with my division, (also with wuri and lucky) :) My boss paid for all of the thing that we ate,, ahahahah :) psssttt,, I think he felt so regret to invited us for having lunch together, cause we had too much ate,, yiippiiiee and the second pict below was taken when we attended to "ceremonial for celebrate 2010" in the office :) as usually, we came for eat only and after finished, just slink away and go back home :D ahahaha (bad habit :P )

actually i still have so much pict with the other friends, and i promise to share to you later, yeeeaaahh later, you'll see the funniest pict that we had taken :) and i'm sure that u'll say "what a cute girls we are,,," hahahaha okay, I must immediately stop to write here instead of making you become increasingly fed up :) anyway, thank's for come in to my blog,,


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  1. haha.i love reunion.
    but cant make it until now.hehe:)


  2. Yesss...
    I luph Friday too ;))

  3. Yesss...
    I luph Friday too ;))

  4. lol, i prefer thursday, but i dunno why :p


  5. wah, fotonya cantik semua. pinky ni yeee

  6. kapok ya sibos nraktir? hehehe..,kasian bosnya.

  7. ^_________^ Mudah mudahan bisa reunian.. ^_______^

  8. shatirah : yeahhh we are the same :)

    hesty : asiiikkk sama lagi :)

    jess : you don't have to know why do you like thursday ko,,, :)

    mba cerpen (manggilnya engga enak bgt ya?) hahahah : aku yang kuning,, yang pink2 itu uwi sama stany,, heheh yang cwo namanya bonnie :)

    mba nietha : kayanya sih gitu mba,, wekekek

    elok : aminn makasi ya cantik :)

  9. berkunjung nih sob .. lama tag berkunjung .. apa kabar ?? ^^

  10. I hope you have a good weekend!!

  11. happy friday.! have a good weekend

    visit, leave your mark, follow?

  12. berkunjung dengan senyuman,heheheheheh

  13. Haha, jumat ga bisa dinikmati kalo ada deadline untuk hari senin. :D


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