Selasa, 25 Mei 2010

do you have any plan?

Well, next friday is waisak day (Buddhist religious holy day), am i right? and it means that i have a long weekend,,, yeeaayy! :) how about you gals? do you have any plan for this weekend? oowwwohh,, please don't ask me back, because i'm so dizzy. I just want to get out of my routinity which make me bored, whacked, crocked, etc. yaph!! i'm sure that i'm fed up with my routinity. i really need refreshing,, going to somewhere eventhough just go alone. (you seems bored hearing me complain about my boredom,,  i beg your pardon friends :) hehhehe )
Hmmm actually, my friends invited me to meet them in bandung. yaaaph, I really haven't met them for a long time, so I thought why not? but, what should i do there? where are we going to go? I know, Bandung is famous as a center of fashion, but I don't wanna go for shopping this time. I just want to go somewhere with an atmosphere of cool, fresh, natural, and not crowded anymore.

Currently, I think better go to looking for a new "special" menu which never I try before than go for shopping. Did you have a place that you can recommend to me, of course, places to eat, in Bandung, the food with cheap prices but still have a good taste, hehehe do you know why?? because I will ask my friend to bring me there,, :) i'm waiting for your share gals,,, :)

So how's your plan?? I can't be patient to wait my beautiful long weekend, hope you have a nice holiday!

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  1. vacation. i have yet to have any idea about it. but, i'm sure i must have had an exciting story later. of course i'll share with you, so wait for me.

    smoooochh, cha!

  2. elok bukan orang bandung mba jadi engga tauu.. hehee. kalau ke cirebon, nyoba nasi jamblang iaah mbaa..


  3. happy travels sweetie! can't wait to hear all about them.

    im following you already!

    xo Persis

  4. ditunggu cerita long weekend na ya... ^^
    aq belum ada rencana apa2..

  5. malaysia also holiday this friday and i also thinking where should i spend my time.haha.
    oh i cant recommend to u where place should u have great meals.come to malaysia la.hehe:)

    btw,u always gave me sweeties comments on my glad read ur comments and truly appreciate it's.hehe:)

    **sorry for horrible english im used.HAHA ^_^

  6. may plan is eating untill waregggalias kenyang heheh, just that

  7. nothing special for me , looks you have great day

  8. aku mo camping nih.. mulai jumat-minggu...
    sampai puas...

  9. wow mw ke bandung?!
    makanan enak banyak di bandung.
    suka sushi? ada yg murah meriah, minta diajak ke sushi boon deh.
    suka pancake? minta diajak ke the nanny's. (tp ini agak mahal)
    have a nice long weekend.

  10. jadi ke bandung nih ceritanya
    aku oleh2in ya

  11. belum punya rencana.. sleeping all day aja deh

  12. wow.for sure i'll be accompany once u here:)
    need to bring u along KL but use public transport la.haha.dont have car here.hihi:)


  13. kenapa tidak ke garut saja?

    ane sedang ingin ke garut nih...
    ke kampung sampireun :(

    ayo berpetualang!!!

  14. mau pe,, mau ke garut,, bring me there, please :P

  15. duitnya? *sambil menadahkan tangan


    ahahahaha, ntar deh. ketemuan dulu, ntar kita baru backpack. mau backpack ga? jalan-jalan cara prihatin :D

  16. ridwan a.k.a empe:
    makan empe empe rasanya kecut
    ayo pe,kita brancuuutt, ahahhaa


  17. carl : i'm waiting for you story soon :)

    elok : pasti,, kalo kesana nanti ku coba :)

    persis :I think my holiday plan will be fizzle out,, hiikkss :(

    inge : iya nih, kayanya ga jadi deh mau pergi, ada yg mesti dikerjain,, hikksss

    tiraa : yeah, someday i'll come to visit you there :) no problem eventhough we hve to use public transport,, i also use that here

    richo : hmmphh sama dong,, kan tujuan ku juga cari makan,, ahhhaa

    eka : no comment, hehehe

    dy : thx rekomend nya :) i'll try to get there

    wuri : adeeuuhhh wii pusing,,, jadi ga nih yaa,, jumat papi pergi,kaka ku ngajak jalan (tumben), sbtu pan kamu nginep,, ya kan? spy minggu nya (harus) BISA ke bekasi :( duuhh sebel

    mba fanny : baca novel,, kasi lagi dong novelnya buat aq, hehehe

    mba nietha :
    wahh bisa sleeping beauty aq kalo gt, heheh

  18. hik, jadi pingin ke bandung juga
    seumur hidup aku cuma sekali aja ke bandung,
    duuuh kasihannya diriku



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