Senin, 10 Mei 2010

photo addicted

yuuuhhuu,, I had told you that last weekend my friends and I went to Vaseline event at Pacific Place. I had my Saturday with wuri and lucky for small beauty class and treatment. On Sunday, i had a ticket from Female radio for "enterpreneurship" coaching class [ also +treatment :P ] with ayu. (i'm invited by ayu's friend, thank you for the ticket ay!) The coaching class was very interesting, and of course because the speaker was interesting. And you know? The speaker is Yoris Sebastian. He's fabulous and I love the class :) he gave us the motivation to become a good entrepreneur. So, here's some points that I remember:

  • we shouldn't make the same mistake.

  • don't be a copycat,

  • something created is not to be imitated, but to inspire you

  • and you have to develop them into a memorable thing

  • etc :)
as usual, some picts which i can share for you ,,, enjoy :)

ayu - Me

shinta - wuri - lucky

nb : answering wulandari question on happy saturday night
- I'm not a part of the vaseline marketing team dear :)
am i look like a marketing in this post ?? :P


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  1. thats great to have fun with friends :)
    and thanks for sharing the entrepreneurship thingy!


  2. seruuuu.... tapi fotonya kurang banyaaak.. ^_______^

  3. jadi keliatan kayak marketing manager dunk.. promosi habis2 neh..

  4. ooo that sounds like such an interesting class!! thanks for sharing that info!

  5. wah, keyeen nih fotonya. cantik semua

  6. u such a busy women la on last weekend.hehe:D

    and yeah i paint by own the nail color.but it's hard to paint on right hand nail.hehe:D


  7. These are great tips! Thank you for sharing them. And you and your friends are so lovely in these photos. :)

  8. hi how are you looks you re in happy mood great to see you in my blog
    thanks for commen t

  9. hobynya foto nieh hehheheh ketahuan degh... narsz hehhee

  10. wahhh... keren juga.. hehe


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