Selasa, 11 Mei 2010

my lucky day :)

yeaayy, i get it,, i get it,, i get it,,, hoorraayyyy!
I'm so happy today,,, do you know why? cause I got the prize,, yuuhhhuuu a novel "Love, Hate & Hocus Pocus by Karla M. Nashar" :D if you ask me,, "how come?" hhmmm It just because I participated in the lucky draw "choose your favorite review" (pilih review favorit mu) which was held by Sang Cerpenis Bercerita :) and today is the announcement day, so you can see all of the winner, here! :) and please click the button to see the book :)

pict from here!

thank you so much, Sang Cerpenis Bercerita. :) hope you always have a bright day,,
I wish the prize will come as soon as possible,,, :D
p.s : for all who want to join as well, it's not too late, Sang Cerpenis Bercerita open another funny poetry contest, check it out!

9 komentar:

  1. congrat sist..

    btw bukunya ttg apah tuh? heheh

  2. congret sista...
    aku juga ada give away tuh, udah ikutan lom,hehe...


  3. hello...
    this is my first visit here
    greething friendship my friend

  4. Oh, congratulations on your win! I love to read! Thank you for coming by Miles of Style, I am glad to meet you and am now following you on Little Blue Deer!

  5. wah, thanks for the promotion about my funny poetry contest.

    btw, the book is on the way. Just be patient, okey? he he he..

  6. aku juga pengen novel yang sama nih.. selamat ya?

  7. hello-
    salam hangat dari Pulau bali-
    semangat ya......

  8. heiii
    mana nopelnyaaa
    kaga bilang2 niii

  9. congratulation 2u & thanks 4 all d'share.


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