Senin, 19 April 2010

sunday morning ^_^

"Sunday morning rain is falling,,, Steal some covers share some skin,,, Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable,,, You twist to fit the mold that I am in,,,But things just get so crazy living life gets hard to do,,, And I would gladly hit the road get up and go if I knew,,,
That someday it would bring me back to you,,,
That someday it would bring me back to you,,,
That may be all I need,,, In darkness she is all I see... Come and rest your bones with me,,, Driving slow on sunday morning
And I never want to leave"
(Sunday Morning - Maroon5)

she's my beloved friend, Vetha. we were be friends since early entrance to college, and I always wanted to travel to Sukabumi, (yes, she lived there :D ) but it's hard for me to get the right time to go there. And just a week ago, i've got the time,, yeaaay,, ^_^ I was able to visit her home. I'm so glad cause I were able to go there, met her big family, and this was the first time i met her again since we graduated from college. yeahhh i remember, it has been almost 6 months i never met her,,, hmmm,, I miss spending along day with her like when we were in college, staying together, share food, come home late into the night, doing a lot of home work until the sun rise, walking around the mall, etc. I really really miss that moment :D

breakfast menu for sunny sunday morning @ vetha's home :
bubur ayam, teh panas, extra pisang coklat,, hmm yummy

And here is richel, vetha's sister. i always happy to be near both of them, richel is not an ordinary girl, she's extra ordinary, she always happy and make everyone happy, she also beautiful, energic, friendly and lovely. Essentialy, i really love her completely from the deep inside my heart. it's not because of she's different, but it just because i realized that God brought her to be here as a grace, a big gift for us to always be thankful that we're born perfect. Now, richel study in a school for children with special needs. hope God will always blessing her :)

after breakfast I went back to Jakarta, I promise if i have spare time, I'll be back to sukabumi, hehehe and u know? i had two tickets "meraih mimpi", yaph you're right i went to the movie that night,, yuuhuuu the film start 5.20 pm, at Planet Hollywood KC. I love it, love it, love it,,,, hehehe
have you seen the movie???

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  1. sunmor, di ugm juga ada :D

    bertualang mengunjungi teman lama.. sepertinya patut dimasukkan ke dalam list :)

  2. ow pisang coklatttt kyny enk..mauuu...

    aku msi koas..tahun trakhir doain thn ni kelar..aamien^^

  3. kamuu bikin yulia ngileeeeer
    link nya udah di pasang balik ya saaaay

    Get Up,Survive, Go Back To The Bed

  4. "bubur ayam, teh panas, extra pisang coklat,, hmm yummy"

    cuma ini yg aku ngerti, yg lainnya blank semua.. hehe

  5. wuuuuhh, mau banget...
    tau aja ni kalo hobi makan. :)

  6. bagus ga filmnya?

    makasih ya linknya!
    aku jg udah pasang link ke sini di blog aku..

  7. Cute photo! Thanks for linking me. Have a great day!!!!

  8. thank u so much for your comment on my blog! :)
    have a nice day!
    veren .a little princess.

  9. empe : ayuukk mari mari, hhehe
    anyin : kemana aja kamuu,, kangeennn ;P
    aishi lely : ayoo semangat yaaa,, doaku menyertai ,, heheh
    lady yulia : trims ya darla :)
    da2nkkuswata : ahh masa sii suka gt deh
    kira : hobi makan juga toh? hayu hunting bareng,, heheh
    dy : filmnya cenderung biasa aja, hanya bertujuan supaya yg nonton percaya kalo mimpi itu bisa jadi kenyataan,, hahhaa MLM bgt lah pokonya,, :)
    amy : thank you dear

  10. @mabk shinta halo halo

    waah pisang gorengnya sore sore gini bikin lapper aja yah

    salam kenal

    dari blogger abnormal

  11. Bubur ayam ya? Wah mau...

  12. asiknya sarapan bareng..mau dong pisang coklatnya..

  13. met siang aja dhe. datang bawain kolak


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