Selasa, 27 April 2010

just wanna share

heyya all, hope u all always fine,
i really miss to post something :D hehehe,but i dunno what i want to write here, yeah i just wanna share (like this post title, hehehe),,, yesterday, i spent along day in front of my computer. i wanted to do something, but i had no idea. so, i just looked around, visited my friend's blog, posted some comments, became a follower, had a chat on c-box, and also read some gorgeous post.

Actually, I had recently become a "resident" of the blogger, but right now, I feel like being in a new world which is very interesting, yeah, i mean it is blogger's world. I love it, really love to be here, to have some new friends from different place (city, island, and also different country).

one thing that make me amaze is "we're connected", no matter if you think that i'm so silly, but this is really what i feel. I've never had a friend who I haven't know before. but almost all my friends here are really "new" for me. yeaayy, cool. I love to have alot friends. they're all smart and creative. they also different from one to eachother.

Here, in the blog's world, we can share so many things. Start from our personal lives, what we liked, what we know and what we want to share to our friends. We could get a lot of information too, exchange ideas about many things, we can also give an opinion about something, or rather we are getting feedback from our good friends. and i think you are agree that with the existence of a blog also allows us to be able to have an online shopping, hehehehe.

well whatever it is, I hope you can feel how happy I could be here, among you all my blog's friends. have a nice day and happy blogging :)


26 komentar:

  1. meski harus pake om_google buat sang penerjemahnya.... tp bener juga ya, kalau bloging itu emang seru...

  2. yahahahay, mari mari :)
    we can do alot of fun gals!


  3. hello kak :]
    it's okay.
    tell me if you have been link and follow me.
    do you wanna I link and follow you back?

    heart ya ♥

  4. shinta sayang.. aku dah folow dari awal kok^^ makasiii udah follow juga..

    emang asiiiikk en seneng punya temen2 baru di dunia per-blog-an hehehe ak juga merasakan itu.. temen2 baru,unik,aaahhh..pokoknya asik deh... semangat blogging yah...^^

    kapan aku bs cuap2 make bahasa inggris yah hahaha

  5. hello kak :]
    I've been link and follow you.

    heart ya ♥

  6. I'm happy to know you as a virtual firned, probably someday we can meet each other. who knows?

  7. wahh, sama nih..
    kalo lagi ga ada kerjaan aku juga suka gitu :)

    btw, baca locomostrip ya?

  8. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog x

  9. sorry i just read your comment on my shop blog :)

    shipping cost to jakarta i think around 100ribu rp.
    it too expensive dear :)


  10. hahah, emang lucu..
    itu yang bikin temen sekampus aku, dan mantan kecengan sahabat aku :D

  11. blog ku udah di taroh di blog mu ya...
    oke deh ntar ku pasang blog kamu...
    visit back..
    happy blogging

  12. halo ikut aja lombanya. biar rame...

  13. peluuukkkss peluukkssss

  14. heii ..
    nice blog (:
    i love choholate too , like u !

    wanna visit back ?

    and my diaries at

    thank you.
    diana (:

  15. anjingnya lucuuu.. :)
    nice blogg..

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  17. ok sobat...
    memang mengasikan blogging hehehhe..
    HAPPY blogging

  18. sometimes it happen to me..mind blocks,haha...
    juast need a refreshing hon...


  19. nice blog :)

    oxox, djhanq
    tell me if u've follow me, so i can foll-back u

    tattoo freak

  20. yes yes yes...
    (sok ngerti bahasa inggris)

  21. Horeeee... aku ga mudeng...


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