Kamis, 08 Juli 2010

people I adore :)

"When you are content to be simply yourself
and don't compare or compete,
everybody will respect you."
-Laozi (Lao Tzu, Lao Tse)

i don't know what's the matter with me, but lately I'm very busy lazy dizzy to write hehehe
i don't have any idea, and you know, this post already stored into the draft since a few weeks ago,, hahaha
okay, back to the topic, fyi all the things which include in this post is totally just for share, and now please let me know, did you ever have a sense of admiration for someone?
I just feel it, I realize that I'm admiring for someone,
and this is what i want to share :) take a look!

Mr. Taka - Me - Mba Enggar - Mr. Robert - Wuri

Mr. Takahisa is one of the japanese people here which can speak bahasa.
He's so nice, funny. crazy and lovable hahahaha :)
He was so happy when Japan winning the football match (world cup) a few days ago :)
he shook hands with several people and say "terima kasih" (in japanese dialect)
eventhough the person doesn't say congratulate for the winning of japan team.
and i always laugh when he try to speak in bahasa,,, so unusual to hear that :D
always be something funny when there's a spare time to chitchat with him...

Mr. Robert is Head of Tax Division in my office :)
he is charismatic, authoritative, warm and pleasant. he also friendly and simple.
He liked throwing a small jokes just to say hello. I'm very impressed with him
and what I know, he likes coffee and likes to play golf,,,
but (so sad about this one) he had just retired in the end of june.
Everyone feels sad to lose a humble father figure.
I always pray the best for him.. just wondering if only I could know him much longer,,, :)

the conclusion is,,,, i love to be here, and love to know many kind of person :)
because every people is different and different can make our life more colourful
have a great day friends...

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22 komentar:

  1. berbeda beda memang bukan aneh tp unik dan menjadikan hidup berwarna :)

  2. being ourselves is the easiest thing to do but people are too be anybody else :D
    salam kenal :)


  3. mampir ke sini brightspot market ah


    have a nice day mbaa

  4. inge : setujuu,, heeheh
    nisanichan : salam kenal juga :)
    elookk : yuukk marii :P

  5. fotonya kok ngeblur gitu ya....
    jadi gak jelas mukanya...

  6. hahaa, gapapa, kak. udah aku link & follow juga yaa ;) hope to see you again soon!

    Castor Pollux

  7. yap
    colourful kayak pelangi itu indah :D

    selamat hari jumat, shinta..
    semoga hari ini menyenangkan :D

    Happy weekend!!

  8. kirain siapa yg dikagumi dan dipuja? hehee..

  9. Berbeda itu indah sist..dan jadi tau kelebihan masing2 :)

  10. good person with good personality might energize other if I may say


  11. yah aku di bawah pak ketua =="

    Mr. Takashi itu asi orang jepang yah mbak??
    bisa bahasa jepang donk <=== anak gak jelas

  12. aq juga sedang mengagumi seseorang...^_^

  13. mr. Taka-nya tinggi bgt ya kyny..

  14. asik nie bsa tuker kebudayaan

  15. wadow... langsung tergagap gagap neh bacanya. hehehe piss..

  16. Artikel yang menarik sekali, semoga sukses selalu dan saya tunggu kunjungannya di website saya.thx salam persahabatan

  17. waaa kenapa gak bisa dateng ke bsm kak? seru loo barang2nya bagus lagi *bikin ngiri* :) btw i love this post <3
    xoxo, Icha

  18. wah seru nih..
    kpn y bs komunikasi sama orang2 kya gitu..

  19. mba shinta jago nih bahasa asingnya.... jadi pengent.. ntar kalo kunjngan ke blog koment nya pake bahasa inggris aja deh..
    mantep blogny full english euy....
    salam kenal


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