Jumat, 18 Juni 2010

say "cheeessseeee"

happy friday all :) I'm so glad to know that today is friday,, yeeeaaaayy,, so how's your day this week?? hope your day will always great, btw, i'm really sorry for my laziness,, I had no time to visit your blogs one by one,, it's just because there are so much things to do,, but i promise, i'll visit you all soon :)

During the week, I spent my day with family and friends. it was great when you still can spent your day with them. can you imagine, how could it be when you didn't have any time to spent with them again, even just throw lil jokes, or having dinner together, that's look like a nightmare , right? so that is which made me feel happy. when i realize that i'm still here among them :D okay, now i wanna tell you that i also had took some "narsis" picture. moreover, a few days ago my mom was pick up my cousin, Aubrey, to stay at home for one night. I'm so miss her, always in my every single day. she's cute, funny, chubby.. and i love her so... :D
hehehhe pleased you to come in . . . .
my cutie aubrey :)


my lovely family,,, :)

our wierd face.. wuri and I were under face control,,,hahahha :D 

my sister and I with our new glasses :)
that's it for today, i'll share another pict later :)
have a nice weekend gals!


19 komentar:

  1. PERTAMAX dulu aaah XD
    ihhh dedeknya lucu.......
    kayak mbaknya ... :P

  2. menghabiskan waktu dengan orang terkasih adalah saat2 paling membahagiakan yah ^^

  3. warh.nice post.:)
    ur cousin,chubby and curly hair,ouch cute.hehe
    **u look different w/o glasses!


  4. seneng kumpul sama keluarga...^^

  5. sepupunya lucu.. keriting..

  6. iih kompakan.. seneng deh liatnyaaa... ^___^

  7. iyaaa,lucu bgt ih sepupunya..Wah itu malem2 ngga nangis nyari ibunya?hebat juga yaa Aubrey udah berani ngineep ^^

  8. d'happy family, i can imagine too.
    ur cousin are so cute....

  9. aubrey so funny, namanya lucu, nama aslikah

  10. wah kakak adek klo di jumlah matanya ada 8 hahah sama2 pake mata kaca..... kumpak tuh

  11. hihi
    aubrey lucu ^^

    selamat hari senin, shin..
    semoga hari ini menyenangkan.. :D

  12. ya ampuuuun,,,
    anak kecil yg rambutnya keriting itu lucu banget....

  13. Rambutnya si dedew lucu yah, kriting2 gimana gitu :D
    Oh..ia, mantap deh, pada narsis semua, wkakkaka...

  14. misi...mbak...
    ijin corat coret lagi XD

  15. wah, keluarga bahagia. sempetin ngenet nih. lagi nunggu pesawat ke Cairo...eh, ada inet gratis.yah mampir deh.

  16. haaaaalooooo.... hehehe ngebahas soal label nih aku tuh orang paling gaptek sedunia.. jadi aku juga gak tau caranya..(meski dah liatin pas masang) hihi tuh semua hubbyku yg bikinin..

  17. Lucunya Aubrey, kriwil seperti tante Eka juga.
    "cheeessseeee" for Shinta dan Aubrey :)

  18. aduuuuuuh posenya Aubrey dahsyat banget
    so cute
    so girly
    so pretty !!!


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