Sabtu, 30 April 2011

i beg your pardon

  dear all my beloved friends,
Hmmm,,,  i still remember my promise to share about my vacation before. but i can't post it in the near future. since i've got some trouble with my PC, i can't post anything. And i'm so sorry for my late update. 

By the way, tomorrow I'll start midterms test. wish me luck!! \(^o^)/  i also have too many homework,, too many project,, and all of that things are drain my energy. i try to handle it by myself but it makes me didn't have too many times for this site.

So now, I think i must sign out first from the blogger's world for a while. i'll be back soon after all that i have to do is totally done. I also had planned to change the layout of this blog,, who know it will popup my mood for writing more frequently,,Hehehhee 
I'll be missing you all guys,,

ps : psstt, my brother promise me to fix my computer immediately. *i wish* :)

7 komentar:

  1. wah... sayang sekali... semoga lekas sembuh dan bisa share lagi... ^_^

    kami semua pasti menunggu dengan doa kan yah ^_^

  2. sibuk jg yaaa. semangaaat! :)

  3. hello shinta...

  4. gmn kabarnya yah shinta.. hmm.. :\

  5. hello there, nice blog you have! :D
    anyway aku lagi ada giveaway berhadiah opi nail polish dgn total hadiah lebih dari satu juta rupiah, join yahhh ^_^ thanks


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