Kamis, 30 September 2010

love the end of september

i just read a post from mppersonal.com
and i really love it,,,
you have to read :)

"on the phone,
why i always hate to end our conversation on the phone.
i hate when i have to push “end” button.
every minute we talk, i think i were there for you, sit next to you, hold you tight and kiss your forehead.
a little soft warm kiss. the kiss that has only a meaning, i love you.
i would give my shoulder for you.
it’s ok if you want to lean down your head there.
but please, do not spill any tears, i hate to see that.
i know what lays in your heart, you dont have to speak it loud. i know.
on the phone, i hate one word, distance.
i wish i were there"

after that, I asked someone I loved to read it.
I said that I really love the post, really represent what's in my heart.
and he give me the lovely answer,,,
"Baby, just don't worry about distance.
It won't makes us apart.
Because everytime we ended our talk on the phone,
I was moving to some place better.
And I just want u to know,
no matter how far we are apart,
when I walk out the door..
I will always be yours.
U are everywhere I go..
I ? u"

*glad to have a friend like empe,,
he always made me melted with what he's write, hahah (^,^)
*and I love you bebeb,,, this's the beautiful answer that i ever had (>.<)
click here to find out the source

hve a nice day all

9 komentar:

  1. buahahhaha,, yang punya nagiihhh
    *kabooorrr :p

  2. nah loh... ditagih ama yang punya >.<

  3. bagus..emang bikin meleleh...^^

  4. my hubby ditodong puisi begitu.. coba geleng-geleng
    sambil bilang, bacain terjemahannya dong, males bacanya nih, huaduh !!
    gini deh kalo punya hubby ga romantis

  5. yah dikomen ama empu blognya tuh..kwkwkwk

  6. septembriiiii......welcomee

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