Jumat, 19 Maret 2010

It's Friday :D

huuuaaaahh it's friday,, i always happy to see friday,, because tomorrow is a "lovely weekend" (i hope, hehe ) . i have a schedule to come to UI jobs career with wuri,, we HAVE TO come because tomorrow is the last day. hahah berharap ada yang nyangkut applicationnya walaupun cuma satu,, :D

Anyway, i just feeling so free,, ^_< karena kantor sepi,, dan yang sepi begini cuma ada di hari jumat, hahah so u can imagine how do i love friday,, hahaha although i feel hungry enough,, hiks hiks

u know, i never ever miss my lunch break time, because only at that time i could be myself,, i can share with wuri and lucky,, tell about anything we want to share,, hmmhh,,

so see you gals, enjoy your lunch break!


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